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Indo Pacific Beverages LLP is an emerging alcobev company producing its products exclusively at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Ponda, Goa, India. We distribute our products in the African continent through our own subsidiary – Indobev Global Limited, with its registered office in Accra, Ghana. We do have other distribution partners in select markets globally for ease of operations and market

Apart from the unparalleled quality of our products, we are known for our competitive prices, blockbuster brands, promptness of service,
complete transparency and long-term business
association. While we keep adding to our portfolio of brands as per market requirement, the following is the list of our brands currently available in the

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La Franz Premium Brandy C 7

The choicest of ingredients, including cognac, go into the making of La Franz Premium Brandy C7. Elegant fruity aromas play on the palate with hints of cherry, yuzu marmalade and an intricate long finish that beckons the imbiber in for a sip of this exclusive brandy.

Moghul Monarch Rare Premium Whisky C 9

This is a premium whisky blended with rare exquisite ingredients and special matured malt spirits for extra smoothness. It has a luxurious texture providing hints of charred oak infused mild floral, honeyed and spicy notes.

High Command Deluxe Brandy/ Whisky/ Rum

These brands address the entry level premium segment by giving the consumers great value for their money by providing premium
blends with great packaging.

Nefertiti 15 Grand Reserva

This is a fun drink – for the youth at heart – with wine as base and carbonated and elevated to 15% ABV. There are no added sugars in this product.

Zakha Premium Grain Vodka

This Vodka dedicates itself to the people inhabiting the coldest regions on the planet – Sakha in Siberia, Russia. This is a triple distilled Vodka in its purest form and a true delight to sip. Enjoy it on the rocks or with a dash of lemon and green chilly.

Gingerine London Dry Gin

Have you ever wondered why we add ginger to the delicacies served on the dining table? The medicinal benefits of ginger are well known the world over for
yeons. Feel the goodness of Ginger in every sip of this exclusive Gin.