About Emaraj Group International

Emaraj Group International is a multitude business corporation with headquarters in Dubai. We have been successfully working in the USA, GCC, India, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Africa, and Nepal on various sectors. All over the world we have a total strength of 2500 staffs in our group. Our global operations include hospitality, smart gadget manufacturing, media, entertainment, food chains, lifestyle products, entertainment, construction, real estate.

At Emaraj, we always strive for value creation and sustainable development in the ever-evolving business environment while we play a crucial role in making advancement in the nations we operate in as well as humanity. We deal with small-to-massive business activities, demonstrating that we do not make distinctions against any type of business activity that would benefit people and society.

Emaraj Group International

Who We Are

When we fly as strong as an eagle in the competitive corporative world ,when we look deep down, and consider all as equal, without any discrimination.

Company Profile

Emaraj Group is presents on multiple continents supporting the development of manufacturing processes, with new technologies in multiple markets.

Proximity to Customers

Our industry experts are embedded at many customer locations to identify potential service and process improvements.

Innovations as our Foundation

We develop innovative and customized solutions that create value for our customers.


Forever pioneering

Emaraj is a global leader in stream of designing, engineering, technology, and a wide range of industry sectors. We take a glance beyond today to create innovative solutions that will shape the future for everyone, delivering products and services that aid our customers make their industrial processes safer, more efficient, and much more sustainable.