Emaraj Group International Chairman's Message

CMD's Message

Beloved Friend,

In a globally connected world with advanced technology and innovation, We continue to be successful as our business grows on the four pillars of Productivity, Honesty, Adaptability, and Perfection. Our company has evolved over the past few decades from a family-owned agro-enterprise to a corporate group that is well-known in various industries.

Today, Emaraj Group International is a large corporation serving different sectors such as Hospitality, Manufacturing, Media, Entertainment, Consumer & Lifestyle Products, Construction, Food & Beverages, Real Estate. In addition, we have made investments in a number of potential initiatives and industry verticals that provide our company profile with a fresh perspective.

In order to grow our commercial empire, which also covers untapped markets, we are also discovering new markets. Additionally, our team is conducting research and development to find cutting-edge technologies that can humankind and ability to attain even greater heights.

We started all of our businesses with the understanding that we could contribute to the industry and the nation in which we operated by working diligently and sincerely to become the greatest in that industry. We are able to better serve our valued clients, business partners, and colleagues because we maintain the highest standards for our goals and remain resolute along the way.

We encourage companies and innovative, ardent individuals to work together so that we can all prosper.

Roji Augustine

Chairman of Emaraj Group International